Welcome, aspiring programmers, to the enchanting realm of coding! Embarking on the path of programming can be overwhelming, especially with the myriad of terms and technologies floating around. Fear not! In this blog post, we will provide you with some valuable guidance to set you on the right track and help you find joy in the art of programming.

1. Unraveling the Hype: A Simple Approach

In the vast sea of buzzwords like AI, machine learning, and neural networks, it’s easy to get lost. Don’t be discouraged by jargon; they don’t define your journey. Instead, focus on the fundamentals. Start with simple resources like W3Schools and take small steps to understand the core concepts.

2. Embrace Simplicity: A Journey of Small Wins

Avoid getting overwhelmed by complex tutorials and videos right from the start. Begin with the basics and let yourself grow naturally. As you gain confidence, gradually explore more advanced topics.

3. Learning is a Continuum: Dive Deeper

In programming, there’s no such thing as “I’ve learned the basics; I’m done.” Even if you’ve used an input command, dig deeper! Learn how to manipulate it, play with it, and experiment. For instance, write a program that takes your name and performs various operations like converting it to uppercase, lowercase, or splitting it.

4. Embrace Your Creativity: Pen and Paper First

Programming starts with imagination, not complex code. Take a pen and paper, sketch your program’s structure, jot down ideas, and make notes. Engage your creativity! Keep a notebook of new commands and concepts you learn along the way.

5. Play with Lists and Dictionaries: Explore Data Structures

Lists and dictionaries are invaluable tools in programming. Experiment with them, add new items, iterate, and get hands-on experience. A simple program can teach you more than you can imagine.

6. Forget about Being Cool: Embrace the Learning Process

Don’t worry about appearing like a “cool” programmer; your goal is to learn and grow. Let curiosity drive you forward, and don’t shy away from writing simple code.

7. Build Small Projects: Completing is Winning

Create simple projects and ensure you complete them. Share your work with others and seek feedback. Finishing projects boosts your confidence and helps you learn from the entire process.

8. Passion Over Money: The True Motivation

Remember, programming won’t make you an instant millionaire. Pursue it because you love it, and it fuels your passion. Follow your heart and explore what truly fulfils you.

9. Ethical Programming: Embrace Originality

Never resort to stealing code. Your journey is about learning and expressing yourself. Embrace originality, and the joy of coding will flourish within you.

10. Expanding Horizons: Keep Innovating

Dive into your imagination! Don’t limit yourself to basic commands; explore advanced techniques like f-strings, split, and more. Push the boundaries of what you can create.

11. Refine and Redefine: The Iterative Process

Programming is an iterative journey. Revisit your programs, rewrite them with newfound skills, and continually seek ways to improve. Mastery comes from constant practice.

12. The User Perspective: Empathy Matters

Think from a user’s perspective. Understand why you want to become a programmer, and let that drive your journey. Don’t let the media’s glamorization of programming misguide you.


Congratulations! You’ve just embarked on an enchanting journey into the world of programming. Stay curious, keep exploring, and let your imagination soar. Embrace the joy of coding, and remember that the real magic lies not in the code itself, but in the passion and creativity you bring to it. Happy coding!



“AI, Machine Learning for Beginners: Simple Concepts, Creativity, Joy of Coding, Ethical Programming.”

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Youth Agency for Development of Science, Technology and Innovation (YADSTI) © 2024. All rights reserved.