STI Hubs

YADSTI seeks to empower youth in science, technology and innovation by providing the knowledge, skills, resources, and networks required to successfully enhance knowledge sharing and enterprise development. To achieve this, YADSTI is setting up a network of STI hubs linking seven thematic areas critical to Kenya’s development. These Hubs constitute both physical and virtual spaces in which youth engage with one another, faculty advisors, and professional mentors in structured skill-building, project design and implementation, and knowledge sharing. The network is meant to catalyze linkages between industry and academia.

Agriculture Hub

The Agriculture Hub aims to stimulate and maintain youth interest in agriculture as a business and promote their active participation in agricultural product value chains (APVCs) for employment, food security, and poverty alleviation.
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The ICT Hub aims to mainstream uptake and application of ICT by the youth for knowledge-sharing and socio-economic development.
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Engineering Hub

The Engineering Hub aims to encourage and support participation of the youth in engineering and promote innovation for national development.
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Environment and Natural Resources Management (NRM)

The Environment and Natural Resources Management (NRM) Hub aims to spearhead youth participation in environment-friendly projects and initiatives that foster conservation, management and economic exploitation of natural resources through social entrepreneurship.
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Energy, Oil & Gas Hub

The Energy, Oil & Gas Hub aims to encourage participation of young scientists in development and commercialization of clean and sustainable sources of energy especially for mid and lower market segments
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Mathematics, Statistics and Social Sciences Hub

The Mathematics, Statistics and Social Sciences Hub aims at enhancing youth participation in the application of Mathematics, Statistics and Social Sciences for national development.
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Health and Life Sciences Hub

The Health and Life Sciences Hub aims to enhance youth participation in offering innovative solutions for improved healthcare.