Description: How can you make real money online? Are you a young person in college or a student keen to make money online in Kenya? You can use your skill to do business online that will make money online for you. With the job market shrinking in Kenya and the rise of connectivity across the globe, the youth should grab existing opportunities to earn income.

How you make your money is dependent on skill set, interest, and time among other factors but most will not ask you for your papers.  There exist methods that you will pay for but in most cases, you will make money online for free.

Use job boards to find work online

Covid 19 has changed the way we work. You don’t have to work for clients in your location. In one day, you can work on projects from America, Asia, Europe, Australia, or the rest of Africa. Depending on your skill set you can look for work on popular job boards.

The kind of job board you choose is determined by the type of work you want. Are you looking for a full-time job or a freelance gig? You will need to go through a vetting process on these job boards to ensure you are the right fit for the job.  that includes Upwork, people per hour, fiver. If you are looking for a remote job, flex jobs, and Zippia.

Information technology skills are the highest selling skills. You can do data analysis from the comfort of your home and earn international salaries. Other skills include writing, transcription, sales and

  • Offering online courses in Kenya

You may be having a skill that others would wish to have. You may wish to carry out online training for high school or college students. You can open an online tutoring agency through your WordPress website. You may also join online tutoring skills.


  • Open an online shop in Kenya

Opening a physical shop takes a lot including permits, documents, finding a suitable physical location. An online shop is easier to set up. You can either open a shop using an international platform where you target an international clientele. You can sell your products or just sell products you get online otherwise known as drop shipping. You are free to market the products through your social media sites or through lists. You may use Shopify or Amazon shop.


  • Advertise on social media

On how to make money online without paying anything. On average, people spend about 145 minutes on social media. Why don’t you use your time on social media to make money? Skills in social media marketing will help you learn how to use your social media to make money. You will need to understand your customers known as the buyer persona. You need to know where they hang out. You will have to learn each of the platforms. You will need to train on any of these traits. Then you can sell the clients something.


  • Make online courses in Kenya

You may have spent years in school, or you are at best in something. Making an online course ion one way to make money online. You may not need to have a website, a logo or even much technical knowledge. To make a successful online course you will need to ask yourself who your target learners are, what are their pain points, how do you transform them from zero to hero. Your students should experience such a transformation to refer others. At first, you will release the formulae and transformation for free to get feedback on what people are looking for before putting up the last version for sale. There are dozens of platforms where you can sell your courses but the most like Udemy, Thinkfic, teachable among others.

  • Make money on youtube

  • Youtube is one of the places people are making money online. You must amerce subscribers and keep your audience engaged through the video to reap maximum benefits. Your content has to be something people are looking for. You may need to market your content in places where your targets hang out.


  • Electronic books

If you want to make money in Kenya without paying, you can write, an electronic book also known as an eBook. The world is changing inhabits, and you can make money through eBooks in Kenya. You will need to identify your niche, draw and outline, then write the book. You may sell the book on your own site, promote it online and sell it in online shops.


  • Write for Money

Identify your field and what you are good at. Go online and search websites looking for articles. At first, you can write a couple of great articles for free as a sample of your subject matter. Let’s say you are good at technology. Search websites that are looking for content in your areas of expertise. Most popular websites have a “write for us page”. Search “write for us Technology”. Looks for ones that pay. Follow their guidelines, write your article, and submit it.  They also have rates. You may also have your own blog where you put the samples.

  • Use LinkedIn to get clients.

Linked is a professional network with the best resources regardless of the field you are in. Apart from the job advertised, you can identify persons of interest and market your skills. Discover your clients’ pain points or something that is missing in their company. A service you can offer online.  if you are into business to business(B2B). Make sure your profile is clear and professional. is one of the places where you.



The internet connectivity offers unlimited opportunities If you are looking for how to make money online in Kenya, you have a place to start.

You may decide to stick to one way and be good in it or multiple streams of income in your quest to make money online in Kenya. It is not a get reach quick formulae but to succeed, you will need to invest in training, time and sometimes money. You can make money online without capital while in Kenya.

Youth Agency for Development of Science, Technology and Innovation (YADSTI) © 2024. All rights reserved.

Youth Agency for Development of Science, Technology and Innovation (YADSTI) © 2024. All rights reserved.